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Over the last 12 months we have invested a considerable amount of time and money in our studio and colour management systems to ensure we can achieve the highest levels of quality. We are always reviewing our extensive plant list in order to improve quality and client satisfaction and are continually looking at reinvestment.

Management System

  • Tharstern PRIMO MIS (Estimate Pro, Scheduling, Stock Control)
  • Virtual Server Data Centre Synched with the Cloud

Studio / Repro

  • Agfa Apogee V9 Workflow System with Auto Impo, Colour Management, Raid Backup System with Cloud Backup
  • Epson 9800 x 2 Digital Proofs running ISO12647-2 Standards
  • Agfa Processless Platestter Fully Automatic Avalon N8 B1/B2 Autoloader
  • HHTP & FTP Secure Hosting Available with DMZ and
  • CIP3
  • PressSIGN ISO12647-2 Colour Management and Client Sync

Press Hall

  • Heidelberg 6 Colour CD (B1)
  • Komori 5 Colour with Coater (B1)
  • Komori 6 Colour (B2)
  • Heidelberg Printmaster 2 Colour 52 (B3)

Digital Suite

  • MGI Meteor DP8700 XL (Capable of 1020 x 320)
  • Xerox iGEN4 - Digital Print Machine
  • Xerox 7000 - Digital Print Machine
  • Matrix 530 Digital Laminating Machine
  • Offline Booklet Maker
  • Duplo 10 Station Bookletmaker with Online Trimmer
  • Morgana Creasing Machine

Finishing Hall

  • Polar 115 Xt with Full Flowline system
  • Heidelberg Stahl KD78 B1 Folder
  • Heidelberg Stahl KH82 B1 Folder
  • MBO T500 B2 Folder
  • Heidelberg Stitchmaster 400 (6 + Cover Feeder, 2 up, Loop Stitch) Inline Stacker Fully Auto
  • Heidelberg Cylinder
  • Ram Bundler
  • Inline Shrinkwrapping Systems
  • Full house Hand Finishing Facilities

Data Processing

  • Cygnus 3.5 Data Processing with Bureau Service
  • SFTP, Cloud based Data Storage (Fully ISO127001)
  • Full Suppression (GAS, NCOA, Experian, Disconnect, MPS, Bereavements)
  • Full PAF and Mail Sort Via Cygnus
  • Data Capture (Full Analysis)
  • Fully Accedited CBC, Mailmark Solutions

Direct Mail Hall

  • Konica 1200 Laser Machine (350 GSm Duplex Capability)
  • 2 x Astrojet 3800 Inkjet Systems (600 DPI) with Barcode Scanners
  • 2 x Bell & Howell Vitesse 6 Station Inserts
  • AMS 12 online and Offline Tabber (Clear Perf Stickers)
  • Moll Glued Mailers (CBC / Mailmark)
  • AMS Polywrap System
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