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'Green' printing is increasingly part of our clients' demands. Climate change, environmental awareness and increasing corporate social responsibility mean that for many, sustainability is no longer an add-on but an essential part of the specification.

At 354 put we environmental responsibility at the heart of how we work.

We hold ISO-14001 accreditation (the internationally recognised scheme for monitoring and continual improvement of environmental performance). Our extensive environmental management system allows us to monitor and constantly reduce our impact upon the environment.

The things we recycle include:

  • Aluminium from printing plates - turned into engine blocks
  • Plastic cores from ink tins - made into garden furniture and underground pipes
  • Inks - used to ignite blast furnaces, for incinerating hospital waste and cement kilns
  • Paper - 125 tonnes (that's 20 full-grown elephants' worth!) over the last year?

We'd love the opportunity to help make your printing greener.

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