New Royal Mail King Charles III Stamps

Introducing the new King Charles III definitive stamps. New definitive stamps mark a milestone in British philately, with this one updating upon the Coronation of King Charles III.

Image shows new Royal Mail King Charles III definitive stamps.

ThreeFiveFour are delighted to say that we have officially been accredited by Royal Mail to print the King Charles III definitive stamps.

History of British Stamps

Stamps have become iconic symbols of British heritage. With a rich tradition dating back to the Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was introduced in 1840.

In 1911, the reign of King George V witnessed a significant change in stamp design with the introduction of the definitive series known as the “Downey Head” stamps. These stamps featured a profile of King George V and were in use until 1934. They were then followed by the iconic “Machin” series, named after its designer, Arnold Machin. The Machin series, introduced in 1967, featured a timeless profile of Queen Elizabeth II that has become one of the most recognisable stamp designs worldwide.

The Royal Mail, responsible for issuing stamps in the UK, takes great pride in curating unique stamp collections that capture the essence of British life and commemorate significant moments. From royal celebrations and sporting achievements to cultural icons and natural wonders, UK stamps beautifully capture the nation’s achievements and celebrations.

These stamps are treasured by collectors, admired by enthusiasts, and cherished as miniature works of art.

Vintage mail stamp commemorating a 100 year period of the British monarchy, circa 1940.
UK – CIRCA 1940: vintage mail stamp printed in the UK commemorating a 100 year period of the British monarchy, circa 1940

King Charles III Stamps

The new definitive stamp of HM The King features an image of an adapted version of the portrait created by Martin Jennings.

The colours of all four stamps are taken from the Machin definitive stamps that featured Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

  • 1st Class – Plum Purple
  • 2nd Class – Holly Green
  • 1st Class Large – Marine Turquoise
  • 2nd Class Large – Dark Pine Green
Image shows new Royal Mail King Charles III definitive stamps.

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