Three generations of master printers

Print and more for fifty years

Technology has come a long way since Harry Drew started this company in 1971 with his sons, Derek and Terry. Processes that were unconceivable nearly fifty years ago are performed with the flick of a switch today.

What remains a constant at Thr3e5ive4our however is a deep understanding and passion for print that has passed through three generations to brothers Ian and Adam Drew, who now run the company started by their grandfather.

We’re delighted to say that many of our clients today have dealt with all three generations of the family due to our commitment – from the outset – of building long term, mutually rewarding partnerships with all our customers.

Ian Drew


There is really no substitute for hands on experience and Ian Drew certainly has that. He has been involved in print for thirty years…in fact since the age of eight, so there’s really nothing about the industry that he doesn’t know. From doing simple hand finishing for his father in the 1980s he progressed to learning how to print and run various presses. Thirty years on he now heads the Data and Direct Mail side at Thr3e5ive4our and runs the company alongside his brother Adam.

Adam Drew


Adam has been in the trade since he left college and has a vast wealth of experience. From being a reprographics and press operator over 30 years ago he now heads up the sales team at Thr3e5ive4our and runs the company alongside his brother Ian. Outside of work he also helps the management team at Chelmsford City Football Club. He was a bit of a cricketer too, but now he is older has decided it’s now time to just sit back and watch!!!

Gavin Collins


The Print Industry is in Gavin’s Blood. From working on the back of a folding machine at the young age of 12 When his dad promised it would only be for a week in the summer holidays.
Move on nearly 30 years, and Gavin is the go to man for Direct Mail. Gavin is a season ticket holder at Arsenal, and runs A Sunday league football team

Miranda Drew


Miranda Joined the company in 2002 as a Accounts Assistant for Derek and Terry. 21 Years on and now Fully Qualified she heads up the Accounts Team For Ian And Adam, keeping very tight control of the purse strings. Out of work she enjoys cooking and and watching Cat Videos on Tik Tok.

Darren Woodford


Darren has been in the trade since he left school at 16. Spending 2 years doing his apprenticeship, he then started his career for Harry and Terry. 34 Years and 3 Generations on he now heads the Studio and Digital Department. In his spare time he is a keen Paintball and Golfer.

Sam Kelly


Since 1997 starting as a print operator in Great Dunmow in Essex, Sam has displayed an essential blend of technical know-how, organisational skills and a hard work ethic. He quickly progressed to his first company's data and programming department, creating workflows and code to streamline processes and improve productivity...which is what gives him the greatest job satisfaction. With 25 years’ experience in the trade he's ready to tackle your technical challenges, from bespoke data manipulation requirements to dynamic document compositions. Outside of work hours, he enjoys photography and hitting the gym at 5am!

Darren Davidson


Living the dream here at Thr3e5ive4our, he lives and breathes print since leaving school in 1986. He is a hardworking, loyal and dedicated print professional, enjoying the day to day trials and tribulations that comes with print where no two days are the same. Throw in a bit of non-league football at the weekend and he is a very happy bunny.