Print Marketing: Why Personalisation is Important

In a world where personalised emails and targeted online ads dominate the marketing industry, it’s easy to question the relevance of print mail marketing these days. Although we’re glad to say that there’s still a large market for print mailers, especially when personalisation comes into play.

Personalisation remains a crucial element that can significantly elevate the effectiveness and impact of print mail campaigns. Did you know that 70% of people believe direct mail is more personal than email?

At ThreeFiveFour, we produce anything from business cards to brochures, and magazines to personalised leaflets. Our services, no matter what we print, are tailored to our customers exact needs.

So if you’re thinking about using personalisation in your next print campaign, take a look at how it can help business growth and enhance customer connections.

Worker in a printing and press centre uses a magnifying glass and check the print quality
Worker in a printing and press centre uses a magnifying glass and checks the print quality

1. Captivating Attention

It’s no lie that generic advertisements have taken centre stage in the marketing industry. That’s why now more than ever, personalised print mail stands out as a refreshing change. 

By tailoring the content and design to cater to individual preferences and needs, businesses can instantly capture the recipient’s attention as they pick up the printed mailer that’s been delivered directly to their door (read more about direct mail marketing here).

Personalised elements, such as using the recipient’s name, referencing previous purchases, or incorporating relevant images, instantly makes the individual feel involved and ‘spoken to’. 

As a result, personalised print mail has a higher chance of being noticed at a first glance and engaged with. This then increases the likelihood of your desired outcome, for example converting the customer or generating a sale.

For example, ThreeFiveFour produced this brochure for Butlin’s. The brochure features all the latest news from the holiday park, from entertainment and games, to exclusive discounts on holiday packages. 

The personalisation of the recipient’s name and address on the front means the customer immediately knows the mailer is not spam and is in fact intended for them. Following a similar format of a letter, of course it’s enticing them to open it up.

Butlin's leaflet sample printed by ThreeFiveFour, featuring personalised name and address

2. Building Customer Relationships

Not only can personalisation in print mail marketing grab your audience’s attention, it also helps businesses build stronger customer relationships.

By demonstrating a deep understanding of the recipient’s preferences, purchase history, or demographics, companies can create a sense of familiarity and build trust. Customising the messaging to address specific pain points or interests shows that the business values and cares about their customers.

This personalised approach helps to establish an emotional connection, making customers feel valued and appreciated, and building long-term loyalty.

3. Increasing Relevance and Response Rates

One of the primary advantages of personalisation in print mail marketing is its ability to deliver highly relevant content. 

By leveraging customer data and segmentation, businesses can tailor their messages to align with the recipient’s preferences and interests. The element of personalisation then increases the chances of the recipient engaging with the mail piece and taking the desired action. 

The fact that people’s names are printed on mail increases response rates by 135%. So the idea of using personalisation means businesses can drive better results and improve return on investment (ROI).

4. Enhancing Customer Experience

If you’re looking to build a better relationship with your customers, personalisation is the way forward. 

Personalised elements in any form of advertising, whether it’s print or digital, enhances customers’ experience. By delivering tailored content that meets customers specific needs is always going to gain more traction than general, non-specific content.

Flying Flowers leaflet sample printed by ThreeFiveFour, featuring personalised name and address

When recipients receive print mail that speaks directly to their interests or offers personalised promotions, it enhances their perception of the brand and creates a positive experience. This positive experience not only increases the likelihood of a response but may also encourage recipients to share the mail piece with others, amplifying the reach and impact of the campaign.

So, if you’re thinking about your next print campaign it’s a no-brainer that you should be using personalisation. From captivating attention and building customer relationships to increasing response rates and enhancing the overall customer experience, personalisation is a powerful tool that can drive excellent outcomes. 

Why not embrace the power of personalisation in your next print mailer and let ThreeFiveFour take care of the printing side of things for you. Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

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