Reduce your carbon footprint with offset printing

At ThreeFiveFour, we understand that our industry has a significant environmental footprint. The paper, ink, and energy we use to produce high-quality prints can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (like many other industries do).

However, we believe that every business should play a vital role in working to reduce climate change and preserving the environment where possible. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to become a carbon-neutral printing company.

Carbon neutral printing

Our customers have the option to make their entire printing process with us carbon neutral. From the ability to offset not only the paper but also the postage with Royal Mail, we’re glad to offer sustainable options to those wishing to make a positive difference.

Offset paper (also referred to as ‘uncoated paper’) is highly absorbent, which allows it to effectively soak up ink. This results in clear, sharp printed images with minimal ink spread. Offset paper is often used for various printed materials, including books, brochures, business forms, letterheads, and envelopes, which we produce for a large number of clients.

Take a look at our customer ‘COOK’ and their latest carbon offset mailers. Each and every piece of our work for them is carbon neutral (and looks great too)!

We produced 200,000 of COOK’s latest Christmas mailers to be sent to stores, and another 100,000 mailers to be sent as direct mail in the post. If you’re looking for a reliable print company to produce high quality prints while helping the planet, get in touch for more info.

After its useful life, offset paper can often be recycled, which helps to reduce waste and the need for new paper production. 

Carbon offsetting 

We work closely with the Royal Mail to deliver our printed direct mail. So, our customers can be rest assured that their mail is delivered with the best possible intentions of reducing our carbon footprint as they are partnered with Climate Impact Partners.

As experts in the voluntary carbon market since 1997, Climate Impact Partners have been working with clients and project partners to meet impressive climate goals. ‘As a leading carbon offsetting company, we deliver some of the largest carbon offset programs in the world.’

So not only do we print with carbon offsetting in mind, our postage is also helping to reduce our carbon footprint. At ThreeFiveFour, we are committed to producing high-quality prints while minimising our environmental impact. We’re glad to be taking steps in the right direction to reduce our carbon footprint for the planet.